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its quite a good show..i watch every fri.too

mick's a great character.. they coulda picked a hotter guy to play

him.... but the more i see him <and hear his hot voice> the morei like him just the way he is

the music is great..production value is pretty good for t.v.

and i love his rich morally corrupt vampire best friend.

youre not alone, baby!!!!

it reminds me of a show in the early 90's called 'forever knight'

same concept... hot, sexy vamp.. doing good... but nick knight was a cop

not a p.i.

if you see it on dvd, check it out..

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yeah.... the more you see him.... the more you're like... EYYY! He's hot! in a chill way... thats sexy! hahahha!

and i could NOT stop laughing when the girl... i forget her name... she was like "I FED YOU!" and she raises her wrist!

lololololol i dont remember that part...now im dying to see it again!! :chicken:

Did anyone see the last episode? I missed it

I so totally own that show... all 3 parts.

i cant remember Everything about the last ep.... but i do remember at

the endbeth kissed him off.. you know we cant be together because i just cant handle all of this

and we need to save each other from the eventual pain :angry:

but as beth closes her door and nick starts to walk away.... he changes his mind.. turns back.. knocks on her door

and when she opens...he basically says BULLSHIT to all that 'we cant be together' blah blah

and grabs her.... kisses her long and hard :drool:

then it ends.. :cry2:

yours_forever.. did your mom get you into 'forever knight' ??

as i was typing i realized that both characters are named NICK!!!!

lol..i do wish that sci/fi would air those old eps as opposed to Special Unit2

and the freaking Sentinel and Level 9 :yuckky: <_<

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IT IS!?!?!?!?! :chicken: :bounce: :chicken:

>doin happy snoopy dance<

freakin' SWEET.

though my son told me that people on his fave forum were talking as if it might be brought back...

did sci-fi just buy the old episodes?

or will they produce more??

I believe that they just purchased the old episodes, but high ratings would boost the possibility of seeing more. Considering that vampires are the "in" thing as of recently the company would do well to fim new episodes.



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^^^ :D im telling you, josef looks soooo normal boy next door, scratch that normal young executive next door---but hes so evil and decadent that hes sexy as a MOFO!!! :wub: :sex: lololol

im glad someone agrees with me!

well, i cant wait to see moonlight on sci-fi... my DVR will be in overdrive

and my fingers witll b e crossed that the powers that be get their heads out their butts and make more episodes :shifty:

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