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NAS = Network Access Storage

It's a harddrive on the network instead of inside the server itself. It takes a hell of a lot of load off of the RAID array in the server and allows it to run the database more efficiently without having to dig up files in storage. The NAS is the thing going crazy with all the storage files now. I could expect maddog rigged it nice and good so that security is less of an issue. I don't know how he's backing that up though. If something happens to the NAS, all the storage files go with it.

That's why the server itself is running faster though but I would just wait and see if the random lag is still an issue.

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Hats off to whoever thought up of that one. It's creative.


uumm whats NAS?? is it whats making this site run faster all of the sudden??

NAS = Network Attached Storage. We put together a machine with lots of space to put all the images on there to take the disk load off of one of the systems. As mentioned here ( http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?s=&...st&p=984245 ) the reason BZ has been slow this last week or so is because we had to move the database back to an old machine and it couldnt handle the load. Now it is back on the new machine and should be significantly faster. We are still having some issues with the new switchs VLANs but we should be able to resolve that tommorow to make it even faster.

Now the only thing that slows BZ down is these damn ads :/. I gotta figure out how to load them concurrently from the rest of BZ so u dont have to wait for em to load hmmmmm :idk:

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No. I actually think NAS is a suitable solution.

I'm on your side dude.

So... the old server is the new NAS?

But yeah... I kinda thought there was something laggy in the routing.

Nope, there is a brand new backup machine and a brand new NAS. and apache is one one server(slow one we have been using all week, which is pretty quick in reality except when it is doing both apache and db duties) and the DB on another(15k rpm disks to make it fast).

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