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Sexy Female Jazz Singers

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Sometimes all you need to do to make yourself feel better after a hard day's work is to wind down with a hot cup of java, a crossword, and have a sexy female jazz singer giving you aural. Yes, aural... as in ear f***ing.

Also, I'm gonna have to be an elitist in this thread because well... It would be an insult to some of the singers posted in this thread to compare them to the likes of let's say Beyonce, Ashlee Simpson, or Jojo. No rockers, poppers, hip-hoppers, and such allowed unless they are crossover artists. Only singers who could pass a grade 2 theory exam, a grade 6 vocal exam, and can sight read are allowed in this thread. Bonus points if they can sing in Portuguese.

Examples of artists that can be posted in this thread:

- Eva Cassidey

- Diana Krall

- Katie Melua

- KD Lang

- Norah Jones

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Stacey Kent - Wonderful World

I love the colour she has in the version. Nice rich, dark, and warm. I only wish she sustained her notes in this.

Emilie-Claire Barlow - Little Jack Frost

Too bad you can't find very much stuff of her on YouTube.

She can sing a pretty mean bossa nova.

Katie Melua - Just Like Heaven

Can't go wrong with a Cure cover.

Mercedes Landazuri - Trem das Onze

She play bossa nova on banjo too. It's not bad actually.

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Technically Dione Warwick and Dusty Springfield aren't Jazz but I love this song... and it is a stanard.

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The girl who made it famous... Etta James(singing... the pretty girl is Audrey Hepburn just in case you didn't know)

How to sing it.

Borderline acceptable...

How NOT to sing it.

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Nara Leão

Cantores do radio

Tom Jobim & Nara Leao-Desfinado/Wave

Nara Leao & Abel Ferreira-Luz Negra

Samba de uma nota só & Samba do avião

Manhã de Carnaval

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