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I hereby give you another damn "cool" situation, prepare your genius-made answers because this's somehow an IQ test, no joke. The thread's name pretty much explains everything!! You are making out with your loved one and OOPSIE, you pass some gas in full option (sound and smell effect). Uh oh, not so sexy now.... how are you gonna get away with this ?!! Laugh it off ?!! Play dumb ?! Kill him/her ?!! I don't know.... Our cool members, share your solutions and when it happens, we're one step ahead in action. I promise not to criticize your answers. In fact, i might give you some good ideas to take note.

And folks, this will happen.

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The international rules of manhood state a man is not permitted to flatulate in the presence of a woman unless he has brought her to climax. If he does fart in front of her, she is officially his girlfriend.

That being said, this is what happens if I really like the girl...

If making out in bed, quickly pull the covers over her head and keep her there for as long as possible. In many cultures, this is considered more affectionate than saying "I love you".

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Hahaha! You think of the weirdest situations...

I don't know why but this made me think of the part in Hairspray where whats-her-face goes down to her dad's(Christopher Walkin) shop cause he's sleeping down there and when he gets up from his "bed" all these far noises start and she's like "dad!" and he says "it's not me!". He made a bed out of Woopie cushions! Then when he got up there was one more and he was like "okay, that one was me". :rofl:

In my house there are tons of animals I could blame it on!!!!

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