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Your Favorite Strange/Unique Fashion Pictures

Joe > Average

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oh my with the amount of pics again :drool:

i'm probably gonna die because of hydration, cause I'm drooling so much here o_O

I absolutely love your avatar penny ^^ (surprise, cause it has lips)

The bull fighting pics are feckin awesome :p

and I love the pic with the latex(?) pantyhose ^^

freakshow rules!

edit. <3 the bettie editorial ^^

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hutch, i could post this page up 10 more pages and still have shit to post.,

thats how much frekshow i have :p

those bulfighting pics are amazing, arent they!!!!!!

actually, i dont know about other countries, but americas next top model

i think has some truly avant garde shit.

its all the drama and backstabbing that annoys the crap outta me.

i knew youd love thispic, if you go back a few pages,

i mention you and my avvy specifically... i say.. and i paraphrase MYSELF lol

'when hutch sees that pic hes going to lose his everlovin mind...

fluid spilling into a pretty girls mouth? ?? hell love it.. :evil:

and i was right, was i not??? :D <-- thats my shit eating grin :rofl:

heres some more antm images that rocked me thios is where they try to teach the girls

how to take a good motion shot.. snow white is kickin :heart:






edit: these pics are again from the antm thread here @BZ

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heh, close.. but it was actually regarding the models aspirations for the future

and that model wanted to be a lawyer

looking like that, shed win EVERY case, hands down!!


yep, she could accuse me of anything and I'd confess ^^..well maybe not..but anyway :D

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heh its from a show called 'lazytown'

my kid gave me a whole flash drive filled w/ gifs and funny pics..

thats why im always changing them.

ive got so many to choose from!!

lol, i asked one of the mods if id get any static

for the sig and he said '/ as long as i wasnt antagonizing anyone, it was all good'

he doesnt realize what a pandoras box he opened :evil:

:rofl: cuz i got buttloads of funny/sick/twisted ass gifs

+rubbin hands together like evil megalomaniac+


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