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Paulina Porizkova


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Hello, these pics are my gift for new year (maybe some late). I hope you like them. I found them in a photograph web. Special greetings to Readhead!

Hi Xuxa!

What a great rarity!!! Where did you find it? No special greetings to me?!? :wave:

Kalaudia, ;) of course I've got a very special greetings for you! My first contact in the Net about our friend Paulina! But you and me work less in this forum, readhead goes in The "head", never better said.

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RedH,I hope you have solved your computer problems.Your absence brings a sense of emptiness!

Hi fender! Thanks for your kind sentiment. :blush: No, my computer is not yet fixed. It is currently in the shop (as of this morning). Seems my hard drive crashed-AGAIN...this is the second time in 5 months! Luckily, it looks like they will give me another new hard drive for free since it failed within 6 months. Apple told me today that it will take 1-3 days before it is ready and we have a HUGE snowstorm predicted to begin tomorrow afternoon and go through sometime on Wednesday. So, if we do get all that snow, I think I will have it back once I can get myself dug out. :laugh: Sad thing is, I have to use my last back-up to load everything onto my computer once I get it back and I know I've done some things since that last back-up that will be lost and it may take me weeks to figure out what I've lost. Oh well...at least I do back-ups fairly regularly, so it shouldn't be THAT bad!

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Really sorry for your "bad time"But...I imagine that your hard drive is overloaded with pictures of Paulina! :laugh: Why not load everything on external drives?(I mean external hard disk) So if the internal hard drive fails you will not lose data. :wave:

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