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Nothing incredible here and it's not even a guitar but the guy gets so into it near the end. lol.

This guy does Zelda on the ukulele.. heheh.

Legend of Zelda on Strings lol. They (the cellist) have tuning issues and they're not as tight as I would like but you get the idea. This has potential for aural orgasm.

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boku, the crash took away the guitar gang bang that i had originally posted

when the kid gets home from school ill have him dig it up

'i dont remember the name of the band'

the hot for teacher was the dope shit :yes:

im still obsessed with rush

my fave guitar solo 'big money'

a little canadianism for boku

the solo starts @ 3:50

this is the live version, from 'a show of hands'

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im pretty rush obsessed too.. we need a cool drum thread so

i can nominate 'mystic rhythms'<sp>? ~i never spell that word right :blush:

so you gots to meet them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


you said studio you work with, is this in a musical, or technological capacity?

im sure with all your goddamned musical knowledge youve gotta play as well.

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Do you ever listen Tabla ? Its a sounds of asia. If you know about any asian singer. Then I bet you know one of them . The man whom i like mostly from asia. Its Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali khan. He is not more in this world. But he sing and the sound with tabla is (Y)

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