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The Pick-Up Arist


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Competing for the title of "Master Pick-Up Artist" and $50 grand, Mystery and his wingmen, Matador and J Dog help guide eight lovable losers through their biggest fear--talking to women.

Who will rise to the occasion? Who will crack under the pressure? And who will become...The Pick-Up Artist? :laugh:

~Ep.2 just aired, and so far I think the guy who has low self esteem has a good chance at winning.

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Well looks like the guys are coming out of their shells a little bit. I like it when they reveal the secrets at times....ssecrets!!? *head snaps* Next week is the kissing and makeout field test. Bet that old man wished he could have held out longer.

ep2 (previous week)

It's not shown in these youtube videos but in the elimination round, you can see Mystery's neck and he totally ripped off Tommy Lee's lip tattoo. Plus he's wearing a hat that I remember Pamela Anderson once wore. At other times I'm convinced he is trying to look like a vampire or something.

Here's a primetime special video about PUA a year ago

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If anything, that's a disadvantage. You can make a "set opener" out of anything if you're interested enough... so long as you be yourself. lol. There's no point in trying if you're not gonna at least do that. A lot of these openers take away from that since it's someone else's material. You can make it your own, but it's a lot easier to make your own up.

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