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Ali Michael


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- -Ali Michael/DNA. Photo courtesy of DNA Models:Top 10 Newcomers FW 07 (Europe): Ali Michael

All American Ali Michael exploded on the scene with consistent bookings in NY (Anna Sui, Proenza Schouler), London (Marc by Marc) and Paris (opening slot at Lanvin). Expect to see this classic beauty in all your blue chip fashion mags in the next few months. She’s that coveted!



- -Ali Michael: America's next top model?

A 17 y.o. girl originally from Colleyville, TX Alexandra "Ali" Michael in February 2007 took the jackpot after she walked the runway at the hip Proenza Schouler show during New York Fashion Week.

"We all knew the minute we saw Ali that she had the physical attributes to be a top model – but it takes more than that to succeed. She has everything it takes: the intelligence, drive, discipline and desire," Lisa Dawson, director of the Kim Dawson Agency.

Ali's mother adds: "When she won the search, her dad told her that she couldn't take credit for her looks, because that was genetic. But she could take credit for the way she presents herself and interacts with others. She is extremely focused, disciplined and grounded."

When riding horses, Alexandra has broken her nose several times and has knocked out some teeth. "When I was young, I was a huge tomboy and into dinosaurs, blood and guts and stuff like that," she says with a laugh. "But around third grade, I started riding horses, and that took over my life for about seven years. I went to the stable every day to ride."

It's a miracle the teenager celebrity is here at all. Alexandra is enjoying a huge wave of success as a fashion model. In a whirlwind year and a half, Ali has shot straight to the top of the industry, scoring coveted spreads in magazines such as Teen Vogue and Italian Elle, and walking the runway for everyone from Lacoste to Marc Jacobs.

Until recently, Ali could be found cruising the halls of Grapevine High School and spending weekends at area shows to watch her boyfriend, David, play lead guitar in his band, Kingfish. Now she's traveling the world – with her mom, MaryAnn, in tow – and following her dream. "I have to do a reality check sometimes and ask myself: 'Is this really happening to me?' "

Ali on the Alice Roi runway at New York Fashion Week Ali was born in 1990 in Arlington, and she and her parents moved to Colleyville soon after. Now the whole family has become jetsetters.


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Backstage Beauty


Ross Burton (national Artistic Director for Lancome) and his team have been doing the makeup all week for the shows. Here he is working on model Ali Michael for the Oscar de la Renta show earlier today. He and his team used the new "Top Model" lip colors from The Fashionistas Lip Collection available exclusively at the Lancome boutique at Northpark.

(Photo: Steven Foxall)

Posted by David Ninh at 5:32 PM March 9, 2007


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Ali Michael: The All American Girl

We love our 2005 F!D/Kim Dawson search model winner, Ali Michael. Apparently so does the booking editor at Teen Vogue who had this to say on her blog, "With her full eyebrows, Texas charm, and unbelieveable first runway season, she is doing her part to solidify the American model's place in the industry."

Click here to read what else she has to say and see photos from Ali's past Teen Vogue shoots in LA and Tokyo!


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Here is a picture of the finalists in the competition she was in and their names if you're curious


Meet this year's 11 Model Search finalists (clockwise from far left), R'el Dade, Ali Michael, Andy Johnson, Lauren Burns, Kennard Hendricks, Raliat Akinlolu, Ruth Bradley, Kaitlin Chandler, Jeff Pollock, Hannah Nichols, Laura Kirchhofer


You would never know it by looking at her, but Ali Michael , 15, has broken her nose three times – all while working with horses. One time she even knocked out a tooth and had it stitched back in after saving it in milk she bought on the way to the hospital. She wants to pursue a modeling career, so the Grapevine High School sophomore has officially retired from riding horses. Her dream modeling job? Walking the runway for Alexander McQueen or Marc Jacobs because of their fanciful creative styles – but her own style is more casual, with lots of jeans and bohemian skirts.

pics :heart:

amichaelys9.th.jpg michael1ut2.th.jpg nfd08modelsearch15eu1.th.jpg michael2pp5.th.jpg

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