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  1. Hong Kong Jackie Chann!!!!!!! The Peak - Korean guy and Ariane (br) my 19!
  2. Osaka 1-in Namba st. with harajuku people 2- poor models eating in the street 3- drunk russians in my bed 4- Suma beach 5- Steven (texas), Ayla, Brett, Carol, Gulnara and me 6- Gulnaras hair style
  3. Haloween Osaka Zem Models. 1- brazilians: me, Carol, Michele Dantas,Thaiana, Spomenro & Romena 2- Carol as chopstick and me as pumpkin? 3- Zem Models Osaka 4- this is my manager 5- Aleksandra from Poland & Colette from South Africa 6- Ayla from Brasil 7- Carol and Gulnara from Russia
  4. in Tokyo 1 - my Jesus ( my mom gave me this necklace) 2 - Asakusa temple 3 - walking in Ginza 4 - Harajuku people 5 - Tokyo tower from the car 6 - cute
  5. ok guys... I will post my favs personal pics from Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong. 1 - backstage for jessica (the magazine will comes out in january) I fake hair! 2 - backstage for wedding... I think I look like a bird. 3 - very cute bowling in Tokyo of course 4 - backstage test shoot in tokyo haha so funny!
  6. I dont want to grow up - Ramones Love profusion - Madonna Crazy - Aerosmith Semi Charmed Life - Third Eyed Blind Strange & Beautiful - Aqualung Dont get it twisted- Gwen Stefani Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation Wind it up - Gwen Stefani Uma brasileira - Paralamas do Sucesso New Years Day - U2
  7. no but I will start next Monday do you have problems with your i-pod?
  8. look... I am a bride Wedding Magazine Hong Kong December 2007
  9. hahahahahahhahaa I have to get drunk more times!! I went to Volar (very good club in HK) I was soooooooo happy!!!
  10. Guys!!!!!!!! Thank you so much :* :hug: :hug: My bday was awsomee Yay!!!!!! Thank you everybody Valeu Thiagoooo Bjao!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh 19!!!! PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR KOKOBUKI's visuals
  12. hahaha! Claire Bear!!! thats cute!!! So you absolutely love Hayden? Whos Eden? I dont remember yes... everybody likes the first season better than the second, I agree about the casting. The womam who cries is so boring. The copycat is cool But still, heroes is my fav!!! i dont like Elle, shes such a biatch hahaha. I hope Nathan will be alive in the third season... hayden? ohh so thats her name. i didnt knew it I dont know if I like Hayden but Claire... yes I love her But Peter still my fav! Now we have to wait for the third season OMG!!!
  13. Ohhh Thank you!!! and your welcome my pleasure. ohhh... so Nikky and Nathan... ohhh Im so glad its not Peter or Claire hahahaha I love Peter!!! and Claire as well... I bough a a cherity teddy bear here and her name is Claire Bear I hate Sylar too! argh!!
  14. what??? they have brazilian stores there? I wish they have it here... buhlack did you watched the last episode from heroes? ahhhh im going crazy, I have to wait 8 hours to see!! I have a new fan
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