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Original GTA and GTA2!

Available as free legal dowloads. Bypass the registration requirements by going to these links:




Do you know where to get Diablo2?

And Commandos1,2&3?



Well, I bought Diablo II, Commandos 1 & 2.

Don't think they're available as legal downloads, as the GTA's are (from Rockstar Classics).

Try the usual suspects if you want illegal copies - BitTorrent, P2P networks. Diablo 2, buy the expansion pack and borrow the original off someone - you only need the expansion pack CD to play.

Commandos you don't need the CD at all if you do full install...

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I remember those screens from waaay back. Looks like a good game - now just to find a PC that'll run it...

I'm guessing my laptop won't hack it.

Also, for fans of Diablo II, Blizzard North just relocated some of its' staff to work on an as-yet-unrevealed project. Which everyone knows is Diablo III.

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My computer burst into flames yesterday, just going to the official site, no way I can run that on my piece o shit comp. :) Just means that I will have to requisition myself a new computer, someone will provide me with what I need :ninja:. Most likely without knowing they are doing so.

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