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i'm guessing that to start with it'll be similar to trying to start a modeling career by getting an agent, then they can line up some auditions....

or just look online for some stuff too

Do you have an experiences that may help me? thank you so much for writing back :)

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I think this is the wrong forum to find your answer ;)

But I were to advise you, I would say the same thing as V_S. Start contacting and sending stuff to agents. And maybe look around for auditions in your area thrugh newspapers, flyers, and online bulletins and etc. :)

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You can always start by posting some vids showing your acting skills, so we can judge whether you're good or not :whistle:

:yes: :laugh:

well, most singers and actors started their careers by moving to California (hollywood area or LA). ( Some of them worked in restaurants and fast food store waiting for chances.... and they got lucky. ( Madonna, J-LO............. ) .)

I think it might be a good idea if you move to California if you seriously wanna be an actor, you can go to school or work in here :)

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If it really is your dream then make sure you're not waiting for your friend to help you..

I just googled "Texas auditions movie" and there were a couple of hits for agencies looking for extras. Try contacting them..

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He is always traveling and he has so many contacts for photography. To take pictures is about $1,000 to $4,000 a pic. But I guess your right I can't wait on him. I really want it and I'll do my best. Which one do I click a list came out.

thank you so much for the help

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Hi my name is Jennifer and I'm new at bellazon. I had some questions that I need help on. I want to start my acting career but I don't no where to start from. How can I find auditions?

Thanks :wave:

Hi and Welcome!! :wave: What type of acting do want to do? Do you prefer stage, screen or both?

Here are two websites that might help:



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