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Sean Harju

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Thanks for the pictures and the video! :hug:

I love him! He's so cute :wub:

Sadly he doesn't have many editorials and stuff...

I would so like to make a set with him.

But anyway...

i was looking through the fahsion magazines in the store a few days back and suddenly I see the most gorgeous picture of him!

I only bought it because he's on the cover lol

Cover of the German version of Mate # 22 for S/S08 The Seduction Issue

photographed by Rohn Meijer BACKSTAGE at Neil Barrett S/S08

unbelievable how beautiful that cover is for being a backstage shot...


and here the HQ one (imageshack resized the upper one because it was too big)

2502x3300 pixels sadly my scanner couldn't do a better quality


I LOVE this picture I just can't get enough of it :drool:

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OMG That is such a lovely picture ^^^

Yay, he modelled for Dolce & Gabbana!!

I :heart: Dolce & Gabbana!!!

Yeah! I just can't get enough of it! :wub:

I think he even opened their show for FW 08!


Menswear Magazine

post-15161-0-1446060746-26963_thumb.jpg post-15161-0-1446060746-61868_thumb.jpg 3seanharjumenswearmagazjt6.th.jpg

I hope you like them.

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