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My recent reacquaintence with my all time favorite number one, Fernanda Tavares :wub2: gave me an idea. Who is your all time favortie model? And I'm not talking about your current number one, but your all time. Like after all these years she still is and will forever be your number one.

I will start with mine I already said above Fernanda Tavares but I also have two more who are my all time favorites: Gisele Bündchen, and Claudia Schiffer. :wub2:

If there is already a thread like this sorry :pinch: and someone please merge. :hehe:

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Hard decision if you ask me. It would have to be your number 1 model, even though the position has changed over the years. I guess I am content enough to say that Mona can take the cake. I adored Adriana for quite sometime but what I liked in her is no where to be found so her position as my all-time favorite is revoked.



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I predict that within 3 days, this thread will have at least 468 videos and 3,725 pics posted of Gisele.

oh, how could you?? :cry: 468 videos and 3,725 pics? You don´t believe in me anymore?? :cry:

It´s gonna be 1000 videos and 500,058 pics hun :ninja: :evil:

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