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Victoria's Secret Lingerie/Sleepwear

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I miss the old VS days, too bad Gisele is gone. She was one of the best, imo. Anyways, I Should look on the bright side, she is doing way better now and one of the most powerful supermodels today. Plus she just got married to Tom, they are perfect together. :heart:

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ur welcome :)

I do miss her in vs, but at the same time glad she moved onto bigger and better things :laugh: although she was about the only angel who still did other work besides victoria's secret when she was with them, maybe just not as much as she does now :p

I do however SUPER miss her doing the VSFS's!!! she was of course my fav every year :yes: no one has her walk,presence, or opening power like she did!

and one more thing, her vs pics were always rather beautiful, always so angelic looking and in a certain sense she brought that HF edge to her pics, never sleazy looking :)

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