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What if ...

The Joker

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They would prob teach you how to question "whats the difference of a peanut and a vagina yum yum" :chicken:

I would cry out her name and if Gisele dares come close to me i'll jump on her and never let go of her :rofl:

What would you do if your in a flood, you see a bucket of money floating on your right and a (super) pretty girl dying on your left ?!! :|

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The monkeys are floating so they are allright so I would go to the hot girl. I would save a human before an animal.

Where d'the monkeys come from ?!! :|

What if the only person posting in your thread was me?

Thats forseen :rofl:

What if you suddenly find out you were adopted ?!! :ninja:

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I would quickly close the window, block any ways out, turn to the bird with evil laugh,... and you know the rest....Mwahhahaa

What if your in a bar and 2 of your fave models are fighting, one of them fall in your hand and the other is approaching (attempting to kill) ... :|

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What if the only show on TV was Everybody Loves Raymond 24/7?

Then we can save our money on TVs :rofl:

What if your tv was like your computer?

:/ I'd just say, "oh, it looks like my computer" :/ :/ :/

What if you caught your bf/gf cheating on you :|

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I would be pissed unless it was a hot girl.

What if your all of your electronics dissapeared?

So you would forgive your boyfriend if he's sleeping with a hot girl on your bed ?!! :angel:

It happened once. I have to used bunches of candles to study all night. In case you wonder it was on March 19th this year, a few months ago, it was bloody windy in LA and the palm tree right in front of my house fell into the power lines and created a big explosion. There was a big mess afterward. The whole city was out of electricity and power the the rest of the day. And its right infront of my house so i did take lots of pictures :p

What if your lost in the jungle at night (alone) ?!! :|

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Ouch Joker that hurt!

I would listen to jungle boogie. No I would make a shelter from sticks agains a tree so nothing could get behind me and make a fire to keep animals away.

What if you were surfing and were attacked by a great white?

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