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Siri Tollerød

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John Galliano S/S 11

B93nr.jpg B9dm0.jpg E6CFA.jpg 8QCr0.jpg

Cacharel s/s 2011 Paris

00140h.jpg 00320h.jpg

Pedro Lourenço S/S 11


Lanvin S/S 11 Paris

wHN09.jpg wGNEA.jpg wHPvi.jpg wHR_r.jpg

Nina Ricci S/S 11

TlbrS.jpg Tnk8A.jpg rYCci.jpg

Rue du Mail S/S 11 Paris

qNil9.jpg qNkQi.jpg

Balmain S/S 11 Paris

qLL3A.jpg r1dI0.jpg r18IJ.jpg r1qaJ.jpg

Giorgio Armani S/S 11 Milan

LVjjr.jpg LWnFi.jpg LWA80.jpg LWF7i.jpg

Roberto Cavalli S/S 11

gFF8r.jpg gFHDA.jpg

Antonio Marras S/S 11


Emporio Armani S/S 2011

AyEpr.jpg Azmj0.jpg AzSJS.jpg

Just Cavalli S/S 11

E5CRJ.jpg E5WOS.jpg E60O9.jpg

Moschino Cheap & Chic S/S 11

Gt_ki.jpg Gx2oi.jpg GvMzJ.jpg

Dolce&Gabbana S/S 2011

Ea8Qi.jpg EanO9.jpg

Gabriele Colangelo S/S 11 Milan

ApJz0.jpg ApM39.jpg ApOyi.jpg

Versace S/S 11 Milan

AuQkr.jpg APCRr.jpg 2_jYA.jpg 2_msJ.jpg

Moschino S/S 11 Milan

z0NEJ.jpg z0Q8S.jpg


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Memorable Moments S/S 11 - Siri Tollerod

It was very memorable to do Versace for the first time and I felt very sexy in my leather skirt.

After the last show in Paris (Miu Miu) we were a few girls in a big car, driving around Paris with a good bottle of champagne celebrating the end of the season! Amazing:)


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^ Siri is 22 years old, but she's it's not her fault that's she so skinny, really. She's just naturally skinny, as some girls are, and has actually gotten better over the years. However, despite how skinny she is, she's absolutely beautiful, is an excellent model, and I've heard she's one of the biggest sweethearts in the industry. :wub:

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