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Lonneke Engel


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Name: Lonneke Engel

Birthdate: June 14, 1981,Netherlands,

174 cm, 81-63-89

Bio : Easy, breezy, and beautiful, Lonneke smashed onto the scene in the provocative and eye-catching Guess? ads back in the mid-1990's that ran all over major metropolitan areas. However, she was covered in heavy makeup back then and she didn't exactly look pretty. But Covergirl certainly knows how to really make a model shine. Now with the right brand and the right kinds of ad campaigns, the world can see the real beauty of Lonneke, instead of the all too often "form over function" displayed by artistically-enraged fashion ad executives and brainstormers.


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i'm so glad this topic was started!  give me a few days since i'm so busy, but i worked with lonneke and ralph lauren in 2000 and i have some pics and video of her from the RALPH launch party.  it was pretty funny... she was so cute, but i was mostly chatting up her dad!  always get in the parents' court first!  hahah.

she's a very impressive girl - top of her class, an avid horseback rider, and extremely polite and nice.  at the time she was also shy.

only one drawback (although neo will disagree with me):  she's a freakin' gemini.  arrgghhh!!!!  just like adriana... i'm losing track of the years, but it looks like their b-days are only two days apart!

What's wrong with her being a Gemini? :blink:

And I would love to see more on Lonneke! She's been gone for the modeling world far too long... even Megan is getting SOME work at this point, while she's just... nowhere that I can see... :(

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what's wrong with being a gemini?  for starters, i'm a pisces, and the two don't mesh.  beyond that, i've heard many a person say that geminis just plain suck, period. if you want, we can start a thread about geminis, and then take a survey.

if lonneke is not modeling, i can guarantee that what she's doing is better.  she's too smart.

p.s. i'm drunk.  haha. happy st. patrick's day! :evil:


i'm really into astrology too! not so much the daily horoscopes but the personality traits of each sign tend to be extremely accurate. i don't have anything against gemini though. my last boyfriend was a leo and so i swore i'd never date another one, but here i am now... dating another leo.. haha

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