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Jacob Elordi

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Jacob Elordi


Born June 26, 1997



Jacob Elordi (born June 26, 1997) is an Australian actor known for "Euphoria," "The Kissing Booth" film series and "Priscilla." Early in his acting career, he worked as an extra in 2017's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" before being cast in the 2018 Australian film "Swinging Safari." Elordi's breakout role was in 2018's "The Kissing Booth," in which he played Noah Flynn. He also starred in the teen rom-com's two sequels: 2020's " The Kissing Booth 2" and 2021's "The Kissing Booth 3."

Elordi then tackled a role in a much darker high school story, playing the dangerous and complex Nate in the HBO series "Euphoria." In 2023, Elordi had a leading role in Sean Price Williams' film "The Sweet East," which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. That year, Elordi also played Elvis in Sofia Coppola's "Priscilla" and had a leading role in Emerald Fennell's subversive film "Saltburn," the latter landing him a BAFTA Film Award nomination for best supporting actor. His other credits include Paul Schrader's "Oh, Canada," Guillermo Del Toro's "Dr. Frankenstein," "On Swift Horses" and the miniseries "The Narrow Road to the Deep North."

In addition to acting, Elordi was an executive producer on the 2023 film "He Went That Way." He also co-wrote the 2016 short film "Max & Iosefa."



Euphoria (2019-present)

He Went That Way (2023)

Saltburn (2023)

Priscilla (2023)

Oh, Canada (2024)

Frankenstein (2025)

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6 minutes ago, Jade Bahr said:

:/ @Lilja K

Paul Schrader's ‘Oh, Canada' is A Dud [Cannes]


Critics seem to be in agreement. “Oh, Canada” is getting panned practically across the board — The Guardian, IndieWire, The Wrap, THR, and The Telegraph all disliked it. So far, it’s the worst film to have screened in this year’s Cannes competition.

It's karma, I suppose. But I feel sorry for the actors. Megalopolis didn't received a high scores either, but at least it wasn't called boring.

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4 minutes ago, Jade Bahr said:

Why karma?

This classless thing 


Or his unconstructive criticism of KOFM. I love his movies, but I don't like his personality of a bitter old man.


8 minutes ago, Jade Bahr said:

But yeah boring can be the dead of a movie

I still want to see it so I can decide for myself if it's boring or not🤷🏼‍♀️

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