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Anchal Joseph

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Anchal was born on January 3, 1987 and featured in cycle 7 of America's Next Top Model, but unfortunately she was eliminated from the competition, because of her ''lack of confidence''. I saw her for the first time yesterday, because dutch TV runs a bit behind american TV :) She moved from India to the USA at the age of 6, she now lives in Homestead, Fl. She was voted “Cover Girl of the Week” for the first two weeks of the cycle and won numerous fan polls on The CW Lounge, including polls which named her the most beautiful contestant, the sexiest contestant, and the contestant with the best body, among others, which is more than justified I would think ;)

Don't ask me about sizes, I don't have any knowledge about that stuff but if someone knows them, feel free to post!

Photo's in her portfolio:

post-7302-1180428559_thumb.jpg post-7302-1180428580_thumb.jpg post-7302-1180428593_thumb.jpg post-7302-1180428622_thumb.jpg

Well I guess Adriana isn't the only beautiful foreign woman with a great character it seems!

Well at least, that's my opinion. Let me know yours!

Smooth Operator

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Yay Smooothie!! :hell yea!: Good job with starting this thread my dear! :heart: Not a lot of people that I know think that Anchal is beautiful but I think she's stunning. Like I look at her and am blown away :laugh: She's spectacularly beautiful :yes: More picsss! :laugh:

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I didn't really like her in the show to be honest. that's just imho.

Yeah she was a bit insecure, and she didn't like it that much with those other girls in the house. It's not nice for here, but I think it is justified that she didn't win ANTM, because she was so insecure and stuff. Anyway there is enough potential in this girl, I hope I'll see her later on in some ad for a big company. Adriana was not so sure about herself too, and she is a great supermodel now, I hope things work out for Anchal the same way. It's always great when people can realise there dreams, I'm sure we all agree on that :)


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