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  1. Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Happy Birthday =]

  3. She had an interview, on CNN, eye on Russai, programme today!! She was talking about her artwork, and her husbang talked about her, she looked great!!! And she is going to beon the cover of Russain Vogue next month, and British Vogue in September!!!
  4. She looks great in the VS pics.
  5. love the vogue italia 1995 editorial!!
  6. I love the badgley mishka pics, she looks great!!
  7. I love this pic, everyone looks beautiful, but especailly Sasha and Vlada!!
  8. Thanx for all the new pics, Vlada looks as cute as always!!
  9. i this all of them look very cute!
  10. I love this all three of them look so cute and trendy!!
  11. thanx for all the pics she is very cute!
  12. i love the Numero cover caroline looks great! lol!
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