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Help: I need a dress.


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You'd probably be waiting a long time for shipping if you're buying over the net. I hear the local business directory would be of use.

Wait. Your username is Liliana and you're trying to find a dress. But you've indicated that you are female. So you're either female, a cross-dresser or just downright confused :brows: :rofl:

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1) fair enough I guess :idk:

2) sorry I meant you've indicated you're male. that's the confusing bit :rofl:

3) I'm always confused :chicken:

Won't it be a hassle if the dress you buy online doesn't fit or anything? :ninja:

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*whispers* it's in your profile thingymabob...like on the left hand side under your avatar picture :ninja:

wait nevermind...I think it's just my computer screwing up again <_< does anyone else see it or is it just me? :chicken:

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Yours still says male as well Ed! But we all know you're a hot Aussie girl working as a cocktail waitress in The Rocks, Sydney. :shifty:


of course I am :shifty: I don't live too far from the Rocks actually...stalker :ninja:

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Personally I'm not a big fan of the two-tone but if it's Summer then I'd say go with the pink, much more festive :yes: but then you'd probably have to worry about colour co-ordinating with your partner and having the right accessories :unsure: :idk:

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