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Miguel Torres


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Full Name: Miguel Torres Gomez

Date of Birth: January 28, 1986

Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Height: 184 cm/6 ft.

Weight: 76 kg/167 lb

Playing Position: Center-back, Right-back, Left-back

Miguel Torres Gómez (born 28 January 1986) is a Spanish football defender. He has played his whole career for Real Madrid and Real Madrid junior teams, since he was 12.

La Liga & Copa del Rey

He made his senior debut against Écija Balompié as a starter in the Copa del Rey on 25 October 2006 because of injuries to first team defenders Fabio Cannavaro, Cicinho, and Míchel Salgado. He also played in the return leg as a substitute, replacing Sergio Ramos in the 80th minute.

Torres also started both Copa del Rey matches against Real Betis.

He then made his league debut in his fourth consecutive appearance for Real Madrid, seeing his dream come true and playing for the whole 90 minutes against Zaragoza. He kept his place in the side the following week for the game against Real Mallorca.

His performance against Mallorca led coach Fabio Capello to state that "It is not easy to find a player with as much personality and talent in attack and defence as Torres".

On February 11, 2007, in the match against Real Sociedad, Torres made his first goal assist. After a quick run on the left flank he provided a great left-footed (he is right-footed by nature) cross for van Nistelrooy whose header found the net. A goal which won the game for Real Madrid that began the match losing but finally won the match (2-1).

After more than two months of Van Nistelrooy goal against Real Sociedad, Torres made another great goal assist to the Dutch player again. It was in a very important match against Valencia CF in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Torres made the goal assist of the first goal, but at the beginning of the second half of the match, former Real Madrid player Fernando Morientes scored a good goal. Whatever, twenty minutes later, Sergio Ramos scored and Real Madrid finally won 2 goals to 1.

UEFA Champions League

Torres made his debut, as a starter, in the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv in the last group stage match in which he played the whole match.

Torres also played the 90 minutes in both matches against Bayern Munich in the first knockout stage of the competition, as a right back, and ended with very solid games.

National Team

Torres was called up for the first time to the Spain U-21 for a match against England U-21 on February 6, 2007. A game in which he made his debut at left-back in a 2-2 draw.

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Succesful Duo: Miguel Torres & Fabio Cannavaro

"We have to do everything in our power to win the League"

Cannavaro's experience and Torres' youth met in an interview in which the most heralded player of 2006 talked to one of the revelations of the season. They share the same goals and they are both excited about winning many titles at Real Madrid. A defender interviews another defender, Fabio interviews Miguel, and vice-versa.

CANNAVARO: The dressing rooms at Castilla and Real Madrid must be very different.

TORRES: The main difference for me was the image I had of you guys, which was solely based on what was shown on television or the papers. It's amazing to share a dressing room with you because I get to meet you and to see that you are great teammates that try to teach me as much as you can. I realised it was like any other dressing room that has more to it than what is shown on TV.

CANNAVARO: It's a normnal dressing room... People always think the first team's dressing room is different, but that's not true.

TORRES: I have been with you guys for a short time and I find everything to be very normal. I'm grateful for being around people with such big hearts.

CANNAVARO: You now suffer from the press around the team. Do you feel pressured by the media?

TORRES: I understand Real Madrid are a very important Club and that many people want to know what goes on in it. I also understand I am a novelty now because it has been a very long time since a youth system player was promoted to the first team. I don't really like the press, but I understand their job and I try to help them to do it the best way I can. I know they can go from praising you to criticising you as soon as you have a bad day. I am aware of all this and I try to keep my feet on the ground.

CANNAVARO: That's very important. One has to read criticism, both positive and negative, but never fully believe it. Each of us knows what he's done wrong and well on the pitch.

TORRES: Now that you have had a year full of praise and in which you have won so many awards -please, let it happen to me one day too!-, what piece of advice would you give me?

CANNAVARO: For a young football player like yourself the most important thing is to always enjoy playing. You have to ignore what is said about you in the press, like rumours that say that the Club want to improve your contract conditions, that they want to offer you a lot of money... You have to ignore all that. You must only think about enjoying playing football. Everything else comes with time. You are 21 years old and everybody talks about you, but you must remain calm and only think about football, nothing more.

CANNAVARO: You are living a happy and magical moment. Did you ever think this could happen?

TORRES: I didn't. At first, it wasn't even certain that I would start the season at Castilla. Míchel gave me a chance at the start of the League and he was very happy with my work. I must admit I benefited from a teammate's injury. I started playing as left back, an unusual position for me, and I managed to play many games in the end. I was lucky to get a chance to play with you on the first team. I am very grateful to all those who had faith in me.

CANNAVARO: All this is amazing. Have you actually stopped to think about everything that is happening to you?

TORRES: In the youth system we always work hard to get these chances and I think any other teammate from Castilla could have made it instead of me. I am convinced any of them would have done an excellent job.

CANNAVARO: I was very excited the first time I walked through the tunnel at the Bernabéu because it is the most important stadium in the world. What did you feel?

TORRES: The truth is I had already been at the Bernabéu many times, but on the stands.

CANNAVARO: That's hardly the same!

TORRES: Yes, I know. It's not the same to look at it from the outside than from the inside. As you say, the greatest possible sensation one can feel at the Bernabéu is that which you get coming out of the tunnel and seeing the crowd cheering. It's an indescribable feeling.

CANNAVARO: The first time I stepped onto the Bernabéu pitch I though to myslef: "My God, where am I?"

TORRES: Yes, it's rather impressive.

TORRES: By the way, tell me what I have to do to reach 33 in your great physical form!

CANNAVARO: I don't have the technique of a midfielder and I don't have an incredible physical form. I have worked a lot in my life and I've made many sacrifices. That's the only way to reach 33 or 34 in good shape. In Italy there's players like Madlini, who is 38, and Costacurta, who is 40, that are still playing. That's because they have always taken good care of themselves.

CANNAVARO: Many things will now arrive for you, such as success, wealth and popularity. You must remain calm and you must only think about playing.

TORRES: I am lucky enough to be from Madrid and to have been at Real Madrid practically all my life. I live with my parents and I have my friends close by. That's good because It keeps me in the same environment I have always been in and it will prevent me from getting distracted with unimportant things.

CANNAVARO: Let's be self-critical. We are one of the teams with the least conceded goals in the League, but we must help the forwards more. We are finding it hard to score goals.

TORRES: Forwards always take the blame, but they need all of our help. It's hard for them to score if they don't receive balls. I have faith in us scoring because we have very good strikers that I think will net many goals.

CANNAVARO: Then the problem is in the midfield! We'll have to talk to them about it (laughs).

TORRES: What I really want is to play against Beyrn Munich.

CANNAVARO: Me too. It will be a different game because you feel different in the Champions League than when you play in the League or the King's Cup. I love the atmosphere surrounding the Champions League.

TORRES: I was lucky enough to play in the last game of the group stages against Dynamo Kyiv. It was incredible for me, although it wasn't a very important match for the rest of the team. It is one of the most satisfactory moments I have ever lived at Real Madrid.

CANNAVARO: You live great experiences in the Champions League. The game against Bayern will be tough.

TORRES: Yes, it will be complicated, but I have faith in the team. That's why I'm anxious to play the game.

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He has his own thread? :clap:

He's a really good right back and he's only going to get better :clap: Him and Antonio Barragan seem to be Spain's next right backs. I'm looking forward to seeing Torres at right back, playing alongside Ramos in the centre :yes:

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