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Which girl is prettier-need your opinions for school project


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Hey-I really need help with this project-could someone please, please respond? Thanks!

Hi i didnt really get the question at first. When i read it again, it started to make sense, all because of the "-" . :rofl:

Anyway, the second girl is better and the last pic of hers is the best.

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Noemie Lenoir is prettier.

Girl #1's face shape is less attractive compared to Noemie Lenoir, which is delicate and feminine.

Noemie Lenoir has a very charming smile and twinkling eyes, which is testament to her attractive facial features/structure.

Girl #1's flawed complexion makes her less attractive compared to Noemie Lenoir.

Noemie Lenoir's facial features, e.g. eyes, nose, lips, and structure, complement well and make her exotic-looking compared to Girl #1, which possesses rather "bland" features.

Oh yeah, and, Noemie Lenoir possesses a more refined and feminine aura compared to Girl #1, if that makes sense... :)

Your project is interesting. Hope you enjoy the process. All the best!

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