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Hello..I am new here..I have spoke to "Neo" on MSN--sorry mate i do not know your real name..i just realized..and i love Adri with all my heart..she is bloody brilliant and you better not disagree!!

Oh and my name is Bastian (Sebastian) i am 6'3"..i enjoy long stolls down the wal-mart aisles with my bag of unpurchased cheeto puffs and corn nuts and a nice HUGE Coca Cola slurpee with just a hint of cherry blast..yeah im crazy like that..you've been warned


Edit*Picture Larger then 600 pixels in length*KingSupra

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its fine... whatever makes you smile

oh and stephanie is going to call you tomorrow or thursday

ok...tell her to text me first.

mmk done :)

hey! that would fun if you became my roommate.. then we could go to parties with edward like every other night

it will be like the new york city crowd from bellazon... ha ha.. we are going to have coffee when i come back...

that would be interesting... wouldn't it?

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oh damn.. this is adriana's bf ?

yep... he is cute right? "the sexiest thing to hit this planet".. that is what he wrote on my valentines day card.. haha so cute:wub: :wub:

and he is out to dinner with his "mum" before she flys back to London... and its our 10 month anniversary today :fun:

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cool... he's got a british accent...  :cool: ... yes he is adorable adriana.

he has the absolute sexiest voice.. i should post embarassing pictures.. but i dont want him posting my exposure pictures... so ill just stop while i am ahead...

well.. perhaps i could post one or two..

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