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Taylor Fuchs

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(Interview with Taylor Fuchs)

We get the scoop on Canadian model Taylor Fuchs...

You have just began modeling and already shot an editorial for 10 magazine, how does it feel to have an immediate reaction from the industry?

*Well it is very unexpected and flattering. Hopefully it is a sign for things to come.

Where do your looks come from? what nationalities are your parents?

*My looks are a definite mixture from both parents. I am not usually told that I just look my mother or just like my father. My father is German and my mother is half German and half English.

How were you discovered as a model?

*I was just out with some friends having fun and was approached about modeling. I called the number from the card that I was given and the rest is history.

You are yet another great editorial model from Canada, is Canada going to take over the world?

*I sure many Canadians, including as myself, hope that the progression continues.

If you could do any show this summer mens show season, which one would you love to do?

*Well there are so many shows I would love to do. But if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Prada show. The clothes are great and I think that it would be a fantastic experience

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:laugh: yeh he has stoner eyes but might i say they r beautiful stoner eyes?? and i agree he will look even hotter as he gets abit older and mesmel hes new to modeling so theres not too much on him but apparently hes done some advertising campaigns for Pringle of Scotland and has an editorial (20 pages) in 10 magazine so we just need to wait for them :)

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Thanks for starting his thread :flower:

He's adorable :wub:

Burberry SS08 HQs

post-6767-0-1445992341-68717_thumb.jpg post-6767-0-1445992341-70531_thumb.jpg post-6767-0-1445992341-72215_thumb.jpg

Thanks to Dawn at mh

No probs! He deserved it and I have a feeling hes gonna be the next top male model :) lol I reckon his teeth are quite sweet :blush: Btw thanks so much for the pics!!! Finally some runway!! :D :flower:

J. Lindeberg SS08 HQs

post-6767-0-1445992341-74996_thumb.jpg post-6767-0-1445992341-7819_thumb.jpg post-6767-0-1445992341-79077_thumb.jpg

post-6767-0-1445992341-81095_thumb.jpg post-6767-0-1445992341-83576_thumb.jpg post-6767-0-1445992341-84893_thumb.jpg

Thanks to Dawn at mh

Thanks Dawn but most of all Persuazn for posting them here :flower: PS I got mh is a model forum but whats the link? I would be greatful if you shared :wave:

He is super cute! :hehe: Male models are truly gods gift to the world :wub2:

Sure is :evil:

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