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  1. ID please
  2. im sorry for this random post but i was watching a Kim Wilde live video and couldnt help but see how much she looks like Roos
  3. who is the blonde model at 0:14
  4. well my eyes def lean more towards Ashley everytime i look,if that is what you mean
  5. is there anyone familiar with the instagram account;HFConfessions? If so,do you agree with what is being written or confessed about Barbara?
  6. well it adds something more,always did. Cant wait to see the rest of the pics
  7. ofc i just meant its better than other shoots with clothes this gives her a different,more bossy look
  8. its sexy
  9. beautiful picture,this is the direction i wanted her to go in
  10. what is a periscope?and what did they say? (sorry)
  11. Hahaha i will thanks,but it seemed likely (as i said im very new to this whole scene )
  12. was just a question sorry,if it was annoying
  13. ow still an agent and client can have a relation no that could be,but it was one of the comments that really earned my attention,it said; thought u were dating.
  14. @ManBat1 honestly Barbaras last insta pic is kinda revealing tho I mean why would she otherwise even care to "miss" him
  15. yeah but he kinda is like,friendly towards any model on his insta page tho