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  1. Yes!!
  2. That was the first thing i thought! She looks soooo good, cant wait to see the other outfits
  3. Cant believe Im finally gonna see Sara's face on newstands here in Brasil. Loved loved loved her cover, cant wait to get it!
  4. I think this event was perfect for sara! She really is amazing speaking with the public, and she seemed genuinely so happy! Im glad there were a lot of fans showing her some love there!!! Never expected that
  5. New for Moroccanoil
  6. Sara on the cover of Fucsia
  7. Instagram updates I really liked this black outfit, along with that white skirt and cropped she used at the Revolve event!
  8. I actually loved that outfit, i dont even mind that it makes her look kind of short
  9. It's called "Carga"! Here's the news that are going around in Portugal: - It's in portuguese and it doesnt say a lot other than she was shooting there, but im pretty sure you guys can translate the page in case you wanna read it anyway! And I'm so excited for Coachella! And loving that she brought her portuguese friends with her
  10. They were speaking portuguese on the insta story she posted.... so we'll see whats that about... Next week is coachella, can't wait to see what shes gonna wear!
  11. They made her like "godmother" of the ship, so she went to the events
  12. Lais posted that photo with everyone in Vegas and the comments kept bringing Sara up, she commented this: "guys! calm down. one of us had to work. She couldn't come because she had work" altough i dont get why she was skiing? maybe the job is today and she couldnt fly to vegas and then back, so she just took yesterday to herself? i'm pretty sure everyones just reading too much into it as always