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  1. Lais posted that photo with everyone in Vegas and the comments kept bringing Sara up, she commented this: "guys! calm down. one of us had to work. She couldn't come because she had work" altough i dont get why she was skiing? maybe the job is today and she couldnt fly to vegas and then back, so she just took yesterday to herself? i'm pretty sure everyones just reading too much into it as always
  2. Sara for VS Beauty line
  3. via _virginiayoung_ instagram
  4. Also the 'commercial' (?) for the Very Sexy Now!
  5. From the VS website, for Very Sexy Now
  6. I just uploaded Sara's very small appearance in Billions!
  7. Sara at Disneyland Paris (March 7th) via
  8. Really thought she was doing miu miu
  9. This is so exciting!!! So happy for her, it was about time she got a beauty contract!
  10. Yes! It is, sara wasnt shooting with them this day
  11. It really was a typo, according to her ig story she's walking Tommy!
  12. On her last snap it said "not off to la"...?