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  1. From some angles, she looks like she could be Karlie Kloss's sister
  2. Whatever her," state of mind," was, it's pretty clear that she really had nothing interesting to say and that Dan had, in a polite way, enough of her. Truth is, the longer she had stayed on air, the more she would have embarrassed herself, so Dan actually did her a favor.
  3. May I make a suggestion, Gen? You seem to have a lot you'd like to say, but I think, as much as I like writing, it is the wrong format for this. Please consider a vlog as a way to communicate with your fanbase, as I think your emotions will be more clear for all to see, and less likely to be misinterpreted especially by those for whom English is not a first language.
  4. I believe the laws are clear that purchasing an image that is copyright protected gives you the right to own that image yourself, but NOT to distribute it as Gen says. It can be referenced WITH Gen's permission, but NOT for profit, UNLESS, again, Gen gives permission. The unfortunate problem in this situation is if it is shown to one person on the internet, it's like it's shown to everyone which dilutes the value of her work. It isn't like you purchased the calendar and showed it to a few friends privately, which I imagine Gen might like, but instead it is shared with a broad network of disassociated people certainly lacking privacy. It is certainly rare for a model or an agency to come onto this site and advocate for their rights as creators of their art, and it should be pretty clear how earnest Gen is about her feelings on this matter. Her pleas seem genuine. Just out of respect and as fans we ought to rethink this. Oh, by the way, if you're still reading, Gen, you just went way up in my eyes.
  5. Whoa! She's been busy with more than school lately!
  6. From some angles, she looks a lot like a young Josie Maran. Pretty girl!
  7. This girl is about to blow up!
  8. From some angles, her face resembles Edita. That's a good thing for her!
  9. Samiot


    Unfortunately, that blue dress makes her look 40 lbs. heavier!
  10. Two of the best pair in all of modeling!
  11. She's very authentic. Besides her looks, this will carry her far. She speaks well in front of the camera with the right combination of youthful exuberance yet well articulated thoughts. Even her slight nervousness is authentic. With a little polish she will rival the old Supers. VS was wise to snap her up.
  12. Grace is, IMHO, the most intriguing model to come along in a long time. She has all the qualities for supermodeldom( if that exists anymore). She has, "the look," and the personality to carry her far. Furthermore, she can convey a message, which is huge in the business. Can't wait to see what the future holds for her!
  13. Interesting how much she looks like Bar Rafaeli ( yet another Leo relationship!) in that video.
  14. Maybe one of her best looks ever!
  15. (song) One of these things is not like the other....One of these things just doesn't belong...
  16. Badboy, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Please keep your spirits up
  17. I predict an outstanding modeling future for this girl!
  18. "Eh, just because you "speak freely" doesn't mean that what you say can't be interpreted as crazy talk. Also, let's not act like Erin was some enslaved soul who has escaped death claws of fashion world and is now shining her wisdom upon us blind people." LOL! Yeah, modeling isn't exactly indentured servitude! But I guess, now that she has her crib, and some money in the bank, she suddenly has become," courageous," It's true, worse things have been said by others, and I hope she continues to model, but from the looks of the above pics and the nonchalant way she speaks, I don't see her ever returning to anything approaching, "supermodel" status again.
  19. I hear you Bak66, I really do, but I'd like you consider a few points here. First, I am not defending VS at all. As they have elected not to respond (an approach that I consider the correct professional behavior) we'll never know their side of the story, and most of your criticism of them is pure speculation and your own feelings (which you are entitled to). They are no more to blame than M&S, La Perla, Etam or any other lingerie company that selects models to reach out to their desired marketing demographic. If you don't like their ideas of what women should look like, show your displeasure by not purchasing any of their products. If enough people do this it will move the company to change. Free market rules here. Models are much like any athlete, or employee of a company; they are paid to perform at a certain level and when they can't do it any longer they get fired, traded, or retire. I get that Erin's body may have changed, in fact it might have made it more likely for her to be in SI. It's just not what VS wanted anymore, and since VS is paying, they get to chose. I understand that it is rejection, but it is expected in this industry, and a model has to be professional about it. Erin just wasn't.
  20. I'm enjoying this debate and the various perspectives. I particularly enjoy the tone of respect and candor here. Erin certainly was able to achieve the targeted weight goals for her long enough for them to first employ her for a period of time and then give her a contract. So, what changed? Seems to me either she couldn't or wouldn't meet her targeted goals any longer. Simple. The rest as to why and all that are speculation for which we are not privy to between VS and Erin. This shouldn't be about the motivations of Ed or Monica or anyone else either. Many models have been fired by or left VS for one reason or another. This is simply a business of VS selling a specific image. The debate as to whether or not it is a realistic image is irrelevant. Erin is now modeling for SI. Is this a realistic body image for most women to attain to also? If SI no longer invites her back for the next issue will she then go public with the same complaint? It's a slippery slope and she would have been wise not to go down that road at all.
  21. I am happy for Erin and the "new place," she has worked to get to. However, let's not forget that not that long ago, while under contract to VS, she brought up the subject that VS was not where her heart was (and I'm paraphrasing now), that she wanted to do more humanitarian service, etc.. Probably not the thing VS or any other employer would like to hear from a model they clearly have made a financial commitment to. Also, the weight issue....Let me just say, that if it is in her contract that she needs to meet certain weight targets, and she consents to this stipulation, and takes the money, she shouldn't throw VS under the bus when she can no longer satisfy this requirement. Period, the end. She's a big girl. She understands how the business of modeling works. She understands that bodies change and sometimes it is out of one's control. She also understands that VS is looking for a specific image, or type and this is what they are paying for. She could have spoken on the subject matter of body image without attempting to cast VS in a bad light. I'm certainly no VS apologist here. In my opinion, her speaking out says more about her inner struggles with her own ideas of body image than it does about anything improper VS might have done.
  22. Boob job done rather poorly
  23. ^ An absolutely flawless model! She's got everything: face, figure and expressive poses. She makes mundane clothes look great and brilliant designs stunning. Cannot find a less than stellar picture of her, which is rare to say about most models. I think she is in a very rare class.
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