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  1. She's a gorgeous looking woman ! Gorgeous enough in fact that i havn't even noticed a flat ass or flat boobs about her. Don't you just mean small chest small ass? Regardless of which, her ass doesn't seem soo flat to me Her body is banging !! hehe VIBE August 2005
  2. These are from TheFashionSpot forum :
  3. Old Editorial From Harpers & Queen.
  4. The cover and editorials are really nice. She's still looking good !
  5. I loved Gwen ever since No Doubt. She's fantastic and of coarse she's beautiful, i think her body is one of the most perfect out there. She's a great entertainer
  6. kimberly


    I'm not sure if these have been posted. Apologies if they already have. Caio Gobbi Sao Paulo Fashion Week . The Place
  7. kimberly


    you should straighten it
  8. kimberly

    Jessica Alba

    miixed i love your avatar and signature !
  9. I like Paris but i prefer Nicole over her.
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