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Jessica Alba


Jessica Marie Alba was born in Pomona, California, on April 28, 1981. Her father, who was in the Air Force, moved the family all across the country. Jessica had always wanted to be an actress from the age of five. She took her first acting class at the age of 12. In 1993, Jessica made her movie debut in Camp Nowhere when she got lucky when one of the main actresses dropped out. Jessica eagerly took over the part.

After her first movie, Jessica took numerous smaller jobs: commercials for Nintendo and J.C. Penny, a reoccurring role in "The Secret World of Alex Mac" in '94, and a pilot of "Flipper" (Jessica spent 1995 filming the first season of "Flipper" in Australia as a main character). "Flipper" lasted from 1995-1997. In 1996, Jessica appeared in Venus Rising as Young Eve. Also in 1996, she appeared in an episode of "Chicago Hope", as Maria. In '98, She began working on P.U.N.K.S., which was released to video in January of '99. In 1998, Jessica fell back into making more guest appearances. In early 1998, she appeared in "Brooklyn South", as Melissa. A few months later, she appeared in two episodes of "Beverly Hills 90210", as Leanne. Finally, she appeared in an episode of "Love Boat: The Next Wave." But '99 is where she seemed to finally hit her stride and get the attention she deserved.

She played the cutest of the bitches in '99's Never Been Kissed, which starred Drew Barrymore. A month later she could be found starring in Devon Sawa's cult comedy-horror hit Idle Hands. Shortly after the release of those two movies, she starred in Paranoia, which is on video now. 2000 is when Alba got her biggest break, however. She began starring in James Cameron's first ever tv series, Dark Angel, as Max. In 2003, Jessica's latest movies include "The Sleeping Dictionary" (TV), and on the silver screen: "Honey". She is currently filming "Into The Blue", "Sin City" and "Fantastic Four".

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