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  1. jamiya


    Adriana and Andre were seen in a video that appears to have been filmed at Dogpound yesterday. The Cannes Film Festival ends on the 25th, so I think it's very unlikely, but there's still a little bit of hope. Adriana has been following Chopard CEO Caroline Scheufele's private account (@opusone61) for many years. So I don't think there's any deep meaning behind her starting to follow Caroline's business account (@chopardbycaroline). Of course, I also hope it means she goes to Cannes or works with Chopard again.
  2. jamiya


  3. jamiya


    @evelize @Neskasiao @Souled-Out Guys, Can you please stop arguing in this Candids thread? I don't want it to be closed like the General Discussion thread. Thank you.
  4. jamiya


    OMG😍 She looks Amazing!
  5. jamiya


    Her TikTok 😍 SnapTik.app_7351537619446140206.mp4
  6. jamiya


    I believe the clip is from 2021 when she was training for the Fenty show. ↓↓↓
  7. jamiya


    I posted it because I was soooo happy to see her for the first time in a while and wanted to share it with her true fans. But I deleted it because I thought it would be a shame if someone would judge or criticize her appearance even with that brief blurry video.
  8. jamiya


    Today's DOGPOUND video, she is in the background. It might not be worth posting here since her face isn't shown...But we don't have any recent sightings or photos of her, and I'm really really bored and missing her, so... By the way, she was also seen in the background from other days, and her car was often seen there. So I think she is really trying her best. heybigmike_GICWmAAIdOtmmzYDAFb07an_ZjI4bpR1AAAF.mp4
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/C1nGG6tOn80/?img_index=1 This fan account says Adriana was raised by her stepfather. But I've never heard that she had a stepfather, what do you guys think? It also says that this sepia photo is Adriana's biological father, but isn't this Nelson? Adriana posted this photo on Twitter as "My father Nelson," and Nelson also posted it on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/nelson.torresdasilva.1/photos
  10. jamiya


    I read this interview. Since this is a paid article, is it okay to share the full text here? Also, I watched the behind-the-scenes video of this and thought that the actual video would be included in this article, but it wasn't. Maybe it will be released later?
  11. jamiya


    her ig story and guilhermetarologo https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz_3qG8OQdB/?img_index=1 I thought she was in the Bahamas, but maybe she's in Brazil?
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