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  1. Her invisible eyebrows still scare me.
  2. Do you play video games online, maybe StarCraft? Beyonce and Jay-Z FTW. FTW.
  3. The thumbnail makes it look like she has some serious camel toe going on there . . .
  4. Monkey

    who sings this?

    Those lyrics are sick.
  5. Do you play on Battle.net? My name on there is AndrewZoSo. Contact me any time . . . I play any time from around 7 to 11, when I don't have homework.
  6. What operating system is that? It's like a Mac OSX dock, but it's Windows . . .
  7. Monkey

    Sex Poll

    If all the "Guests" could vote, I suspect the results might be a little different. ^_^
  8. Monkey

    Death Metal

    Well, did you like Agalloch? I saw on RYM you downloaded Ashes Against the Grain . . .
  9. Death - Live in Eindhoven DVD
  10. Yay for random Brazilian soft-porn models.
  11. I used to have the originals of these, cut 'em out of some mag. I threw out all my cut-outs and VS catalogs though.
  12. Monkey

    Death Metal

    You might like Atheist. I haven't heard much of their stuff, but from what I know it's quite prog/jazz-like.I'm quickly becoming a death metal whore. Opeth are my favorite, but beyond that I like Death, Nile, Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Cynic, Atheist, Alarum and some others. I might even try to get my hands on some of that old stuff like Morbid Angel. Black metal seems to have a lot of garbage, in my opinion. There are amazing bands like Agalloch and Wintersun that could be called "black metal," but the pure stuff like Dimmu Borgir and Immortal just annoys me. Even if I enjoyed the sounds, the excessive glorification of Satan turns me off.
  13. Thanks Neo . . . I changed my mind though. Can it be changed to just Monk, please?
  14. I would like to change my name to "Monkey" (without the quotes). When you change it all I have to do is sign in with that name and use the same password, correct?
  15. Monkey

    Death Metal

    I recently discovered them for myself... Man, those guys are awesome, if you like that sort of music. Here's a pretty cool video for "Sarcophagous"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttD77LYSCiw
  16. Monkey

    Bucket Head

    He's interesting. Wanky? Yes. I get the impression he's made some good instrumental metal albums, though. I'm not really sure but I want to check them out some time.
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