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  1. thats terrible she had to do that
  2. She'd be such a big deal if she lived in LA/NY...
  3. Built for SI and she didnt make it this year. MJ needs to be fired.
  4. Dani not being in SI is a crime. MJ needs to be fired. She's had 2 whole years to figure this out. She throws Kate Upton on the cover for the bajillionth time and is trying to convince people to buy the issue because its so different!
  5. super cute
  6. this girl is gonna be everywhere in 2017
  7. love her. she's a unicorn.
  8. natural beauty
  9. shes gonna be big in 2017.
  10. not sure if any zappos was posted?
  11. wow. super hot.
  12. I'm liking the new cleaner cut Sammy.
  13. damn 100 pages and I still feel like shes slept on.
  14. wow. she is stunning.
  15. love her look