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  1. Nathalya Cabral

    SI Candidate Alert
  2. Daniela Lopez Osorio

    VS is an evil organization. I hope Razek or the CEO gets taken down in some #MeToo #TimesUp scandal re: their unhealthy weight requirements. But SI claims to be "body positive" and features plus size models now.... Dani's weight can't be holding her back from SI...
  3. Elizabeth Turner

    2018 prediction guaranteed.
  4. Daniela Lopez Osorio

    Thats an interesting observation. She should be at +1 M given how many mediocre girls are there already. I think Dani could do better job of curating her Instagram feed...she needs to fire her BF/IG photographer, because he's taking tons of average pics that are too zoomed out, or taken at weird angles. These shots are just wtf: She needs to follow some of EmRata's examples and her feed, and just go full bombshell. Not a single zoomed out photo. EmRata still crosses over into fashion all the time, but she owns her curves, doesn't apologize for having a killer body, and uses it to her strengths and makes it her main asset. Dani has a nice sized male following, so it shouldn't be difficult to make some simple tweaks... The only risk is alienating her female fans, but I think closeups and portraits mixed in should easily fix that. Her smile is worth a million bucks. I wonder if the whole move to NY and IMG thing is trying to get a leopard to change their spots. Dani is a total bombshell and needs to be maximizing her strengths instead of fitting the cold sterile NY/VSFS aesthetic.
  5. Neelam Johal

    thats terrible she had to do that
  6. Inka Williams

    She'd be such a big deal if she lived in LA/NY...
  7. Elizabeth Turner

    Built for SI and she didnt make it this year. MJ needs to be fired.
  8. Daniela Lopez Osorio

    Dani not being in SI is a crime. MJ needs to be fired. She's had 2 whole years to figure this out. She throws Kate Upton on the cover for the bajillionth time and is trying to convince people to buy the issue because its so different!
  9. Audreyana Michelle

    super cute
  10. Ashley Graves

    this girl is gonna be everywhere in 2017
  11. Imaan Hammam

    love her. she's a unicorn.
  12. Olivia Brower

    natural beauty
  13. Charlotte D'Alessio

    shes gonna be big in 2017.
  14. Samantha Hoopes

    not sure if any zappos was posted?
  15. Gigi Hadid

    wow. super hot.