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  1. souljah

    ASOS Model ID Thread

    anyone know who she is? would appreciate it much....
  2. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    Here's couple videos I uploaded on youtube: btw, she has a few new pics on madeleine.de and heine.de.
  3. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    there's a few new pictures of Raica at: http://www.madeleine.de/Online-Exclusive/Online-Kollektion-November-1467/Glam-Look-14352/index.html along with videos.... if anyone can figure out how download them.
  4. souljah

    Catrinel Menghia

    Yes, her legs are very nice. I love 'em with shape and form to them, they're not just long, shapeless sticks that a lot of models seem to have.
  5. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    mmm... Audi R8 and Raica.... my life would be just about complete! I wanna be Tony Stark!!!
  6. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    ...the last ones:
  7. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    ...some more:
  8. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    Quite a bit here(being a leg man I LOVE these shots!):
  9. souljah

    Women in Stockings!

    who is this and/or where did the pics come from???
  10. souljah

    Leggy Macys model...

    Got a few pics from the macys site... modeling the michael kors clothing line. I think her legs are perfection! Anyone know who she is? Thanks!!!
  11. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    a few from heine.de
  12. souljah

    Catrinel Menghia

    yeah, Catrinel is pretty much perfect. Face, body, arms, legs... if I was to make a sculpture of a perfect woman, it would resemble her!
  13. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    Um Magazine March 2010
  14. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    Tons of new pics of Raica at elegance.eu and a few new ones at heine.de. Matute, grab 'em ASAP in high-res! I would get 'em but I'm still lost at how to get to get high res pics from those zoom windows(trust me, I've looked and added various add-ons to firefox to help out). Here's a cut/paste pic I put together in a photo editing software(very time consuming).
  15. souljah

    Raica Oliveira

    Anyone know how to get high res pics from here: http://www.paindesucre.com/ A couple oldies I think: Matute, where do you get your pics from? Especially the ones of Raica you posted on December 20th? I would appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks!