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  1. xxNiCKYhearts

    Evandro Soldati

    oh my. he's gorgeous.
  2. xxNiCKYhearts

    Rebecca Gayheart

    xD she's so lucky to be married to eric dane.
  3. xxNiCKYhearts

    VOTE: Soda or Pop?

    my friend and i have a stupid arguement about whether more people call their soft drinks pop or soda. it's off the site, since i'm posting it pretty much everywhere i can. www.sodapoppoll.piczo.com
  4. xxNiCKYhearts

    Irina Shayk

    she's so prettyyy. i wonder if all of her family is that attractive.
  5. xxNiCKYhearts

    Avril Lavigne

    I definitely do not like her new video. I used to like Avril, but now she's just... slutty, really. I feel bad for Derek, if Avril makes him listen to it over and over again. Oh, and am I crazy, or does it kind of look like Tyson Ballou in the video?
  6. xxNiCKYhearts

    Ambrose Olsen

    no kidding!
  7. xxNiCKYhearts

    Jessica White

    Hm. I'm pretty sure it was her that was on the Tyra Banks Show yesterday.
  8. xxNiCKYhearts

    Ambrose Olsen

    Who are some of those pictures with? It looks like Daniela Freitas in some of them.
  9. xxNiCKYhearts

    Julian Schalk

    Whoa. He looks like a very young Brad Pitt... So hot.
  10. xxNiCKYhearts

    Kate Walsh

    Kate Walsh is a pretty good actress. I prefer her as a redhead, more then as a blonde.
  11. xxNiCKYhearts

    Cinthia Moura

    That's cool. I saw those Dynamite ads when I was shopping in Oshawa.
  12. xxNiCKYhearts

    Anne Vyalitsyna

    She's really pretty. How old is she?
  13. xxNiCKYhearts

    Cinthia Moura

    wow. she's really gorgeous. i'd love to see more of her.