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  1. NOOOO! A guy must be intelligent and gorgeous as well!! I mean he has to act,model or sing good too ! You know who I really like in the Turkish media, Mehmet Gunsur 'cuz he is a good actor and he is goodlooking! Kivan
  2. Soooo hot! Hottest male model I've ever seen
  3. I'm sorry, I think my comment was a lil' bit rude I didn't want to disrespect you and himself. I think we gotta blame 'gumus' because it sucks! althoug I was addicted to the first season... I mean, I really was bsessed by it!! In stead of learning my exams, I was watching to it... And now omg it is so stupid!! and the Gumus-character is the worst Turkish actor I've ever seen!!!
  4. Waaah! I saw the new autumn/winter collection of Thomas Burberry and I lOoOoOoOoOoOove his male model! I couldn't find any information about him, I even don't know his name! So I hope you can help me because I really am in love with his apparence! blue eyes, stylish hair, ... I couldn't find any picture of him too... So you gotta go see him on this site http://www.thomasburberry.com/ P.S.: Keep watching the pictures of the collection, you'll see the beautiful ones in the end! And if you find any pics or information.. pleaaase let me know! Thnx for reading anyway...
  5. My grandparents are turkish... En euhm that's the guy from 'Gumus' isn't he? Well he is not a good actor and I think when he was younger he was more beautiful... I mean I don't like his looks now <_< And his episodes suck! the first season was great but the following seasons are just bullshit :-d
  6. PiscesJNJ, I haven't found the pic in your sig....
  7. I'm good with pencil drawings too, and it would have looked 10x better if u used more contrast between light and dark, so go from white to like 6B pencil. Also her booty needs rounding and her nose needs straightening, and her lips are a bit too full. Otherwise great job Mams Thanks...I guess? The contrast is more apparent in the original drawing, with my less-than-stellar scanner pictures become fuzzy and lighter. Photoshopping just enhances the texture of the paper so it's not much help. The proportions aren't 100% perfect but I used a grid so they're not off by much (if at all). I appreciate your effort in editing the picture but her bra isn't a dark color and it didn't do much in the way of improving the drawing in the least bit. I draw too... And once I tried to draw Adri too... but it was nothing like the yours! I must say that your drawing is veryyyyy beautiful
  8. It seems you know many blind people it's all about the taste but what amazes me is the same people find the ones like Isabel Goulart extremely pretty..i'm not bashing on her,that was just an example but..that's weird. I don't like Angelina too, I don't know why... and I don't like Adriana's looks when she goes out or just in her casual clothes! But she is breathtaking and extremely beautiful in VS events and VS photoshoots,... Omg! you really have a point about Izabel goulart :yuckky:
  9. I find that men in general like curves over straight bodies. Yes, Adriana has no boobs and has chicken legs...but she has an amazing face and butt. Yes, her teeth aren't perfection, but I think they make her look beautiful. Besides, no one is perfect and I do agree that she has a very different look to her that makes her look exotic and that adds to her already beautiful face. I too find that women find other women with slimmer figures to be more beautiful...I think women in general are just too critical of each others' bodies. As far as what do men and women look for first in beauty, my nonverbal communication class has backed up some stats on that beauty is in the face over the body as a whole. Just my two cents... Waah picses, I don't know why, but I thought you were a guy Anyway, I think, to be attractive and tempting, you just have to shine something out like you know...your energie... an optimistic girl/boy is more attractiv than a pessimistic one ... And I really don't think a too skinny boy would have my attention...I'd like one with a lil-bit muscels or in case if I'll ever become a lesbian I'd go for a bootylicious one and not a skinny one! pfff... I hope I've made sense with my poor-english Just ignore my grammatical faults...
  10. No, I heard her too saying she only had 3 boyfrieds: Lenny Kr., the basketball-player and now the prince.
  11. Snow Angel, can u post your sig of ana beatriz pls?
  12. waaaah...I'm such a naive!! I didn't know all that!! Thnx for everyone who explained it! Omg I would take this as an assault if I was a model! I mean.. waaaaah! I'm just so surprised, 'cuz I really love the VS pics... And did you know that VS destroys saved forests for its catalogue...
  13. Uhm my mother and a few friends, but long ago thank you so much! compliment for me Yes, you do look like her imo. If that is you in the avatar, then you look a lot like her because when I first saw your avi I thought it was Angelina! For sure it's a big compliment! Since Angelina is (in my opinion) the most beautiful woman And i think ILA it's not wrong on this point. Here's another pic to compare: Glad someone else sees it too! How you doing Lox? Long time no talk!! Can u post a pic of you?
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