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  1. Taylor looks so damn good in that outfit. My favorite so far. She's such a bombshell. That face.
  2. I think it's pretty obvious. They have the least presence on social media. They are not as good/ not as much drive as a spokesperson compared to other Angels. They are not friends with Gigi and Taylor Swift.
  3. Only Lais and Luma have potential for future VS star from newcomer list. oh and maybe the other hyped girl. need to see in motion.
  4. wow, i've never seen her take fully nude. thanks... hehe beautiful shot. she rocked VSFS. cant wait for HQ <3
  5. 2014 - blocking kate's entire body 2015 - taking kate's angel spot
  6. Gigi's outfit is gorgeous but it would look better on someone else
  7. Candice looks kind of rough for her standard.. i wish they would stop using the same looking makeup recipe. i want red lipstick.
  8. hope she gets nice, sexy outfits for the show
  9. i miss last year when we have that blurry ass board and everyone was trying to figure out who got what. that was fun !
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