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  1. (8) (8) Happy, Happy birthday and many more and everything good this year!

  2. Anything with strawberries! Would ordinarily keep that for myself but since you are special........okay.

  3. Came to ask how u are doing and see you had a bday. Shame on me for not noticing! Happy bday wishes on the late side. :p

  4. Dangit! Why didn't you speak up? mine is in the shape of a tush! Dang! :(

  5. Do I make a left or a right? :)

  6. Does this mean I can turn off the gas and take my head out of the oven? :)

  7. Geez, I'm sorry, just saw your message. I don't "hang" with Tori but we've been talking for the last couple of years or so. She's a sweetie!

    sorry for being late ;( izzie

  8. Geez! I don't know where you live. Where? It was 4th of July (fireworks day, INdependence Day) in the U.S.


  9. haha Thanx a bunch!!! It takes a potload of time, I bet..thanx again.

  10. Happy b-day! Do something really out of the ordinary and have a great day!

    (smile and handing out cake)

  11. Happy birthday :D

  12. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, etc., etc., etc. ;)

  13. Happy birthday to you! Have a great day! ;)

  14. Happy birthday to you! I hope this year brings you every single thing your heart desires. Only the cool things. :D

  15. Happy birthday to you!

  16. Happy Birthday! And, I want to tell you that I love looking at your avi and sig! Such an "I rule and you better believe it" picture! (Cake on your birthday, any kind you like!)

  17. Happy birthday! I'll catch up to you in April. I'm baking a cake for you and boy! is it good!



  18. Happy birthday! I'm singing for you right now and I hope you are enjoying it! I'll have the cake finished soon. :D

  19. Happy birthday!!! I'd sing but it would ruin your day. :D

  20. Have I told you lately that I get a kick out of your posts?? Qute! Did I do that right? ;)

  21. Haven't talked to you in a long time. How are ya'? (waves)

  22. Hellloooooo? Where are you?

  23. Hello, back 'atcha! I adore you for scouting down pics! You are the absolute best at it! Hopefully, more will be out there so we can find more! Always, thank you......

  24. Hey! Happy birthday! Have a piece of cake for me and make a really, really good wish.;))

  25. Hi to you, PC! That was such a sweet getsture.

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