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  1. i agreee.....jamea is more beautiful and better body too
  2. really hope they fire her right away...so things gets back to normal lol
  3. why cant they hold on to her >.<
  4. lol....i will agree...if they at least cast 5 or more beautiful ones
  5. Can they get rid of all the non-attractive models for once? plsssss
  6. agree Hannah davis was at her best in 2015...too bad she seems to get job done on her afterwards
  7. most obvious choice i would think haha
  8. I agree that she is very attractive...got a kind of exotic look...amazing, curvy body...her posing is also spectacular....but ...she probably hasnt quite gotten up there (top 5)...maybe her work does not have that much of variety yet...
  9. wow....will never forget this SI pic
  10. HER FACE!!! so beautifull..not many actress can match with her beauty
  11. agreeing absolutely..we just want beautiful models in a Swimsuit issue...is that too much to ask? lol
  12. she is soo cute and pretty!!
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