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  1. Bump! They have been removed from the site - anybody have them? Even the small thumbnails would be appreciated
  2. Come on, she is not a fashion model. She's just a reality bimbo from Denmark...
  3. Of course she is not out of Neymar's league - he is one of the best football players in the world, and could one day be the best (when Messi and Ronaldo retires). And he makes an insane amount of money, so pretty much no one is out of these super stars' league. For instance, look at the girls Bastian Schweinsteiger (Ana Ivanovic) and Peter Crouch (Abigail Clancy) have landed - money talks! And has she really had a thing going with Logan Paul? But why? He is probably one of the biggest douches out there...
  4. The topless girl on the car and in the hammock isn't Regitze
  5. How did you get the full-res photos goldenfinger?
  6. She's getting way to skinny...
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