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  1. I can't decide if this kind of commercial is good, because it draws way more attention, or is bad because there's people out there who feel offended when they see nudity. Anyway, I watch it with interest, but I guess I'm not in the demographic target for the product.
  2. Please don't. Neave himself commented the leaks in Colleen Cole's thread https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/67460-colleen-cole/page/44/#comment-5541601
  3. Vika is hotter than the sun and has such a cute face, with those mesmerizing eyes. But she should smile more.
  4. Oh, thanks for the information. Yeah, PETA isn't really involved with nudity but Elizabeth isn't either, so I guess this is the best we could hope to get. (Maybe next time they shouldn't cover their own photos with these writings 🙄)
  5. Wait, it's the same PETA that did "I'd rather go naked than wear fur"? Why isn't Elizabeth in one of these adds too? This is so unfair
  6. A lot of poses just look awkward. But I really like that the photo editing isn't invasive. And I really like Olivia, too.
  7. "Hey Sam, how's your day been?" "You know, the usual... Shooting a bunch of naked fashion models on the beach. And you?" "..."
  8. Another one from Etam. Not sure why they put that weird "makeup" on her face, it looks like she can't even keep eyes open. But Lorena sure knows how to wear lingerie. source
  9. Celine is amazing, we all agree on that. The peculiar thing about her is that apparently she's not interested in projects that involve nudity, but back in the days she applied to Numuses. Too bad that people didn't vote for her.
  10. These last year's Sports Illustrated doesn't deserve a bomb like Alejandra. Well, to be fair, SI doesn't deserve even the models it's featuring right now. But I'm off topic.
  11. A couple more galleries from photographer Lily Cummings. Warning, the second one contains nudity https://www.lilycummings.com/recordfromtheroad/2018/5/26/katie-in-ny https://www.lilycummings.com/recordfromtheroad/2018/9/5/katie-muirheads-bruise
  12. The Photographs taken in that 80' studio are interesting for the details and the light that filters from the shutter. The overall photoshoot doesn't look that good though.
  13. I'm not familiar with Bryce Thompson, but he should shoot Lorena more often
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