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  1. WTF for Robert Trujillo really ? Yeah, my brother is friends with the entire band and he introduced me to Robert at a Halloween event I helped planned for the town of Sonoma CA. He liked my vision of Halloween so much that he asked me to start planning events for him. Sonoma & Napa (and basically all of Northern Ca) are hidden gems for rock stars, celebrity chefs, actors, athletes, and models who want to get away from the aids that is New York/LA, avoid the tourist trap that is San Fran. It's quiet, it's wealthy, the food is beyond amazing, and there's no paparazzi so the celebs get
  2. 1 - I live in Northern France 2 - Pro Wrestling is my passion 3 - I really love music, especially Metal music 4 - My favorites bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Metallica, Pantera, Killswitch Engage and Rammstein. 5 - My favorite model is Sasha Luss. I met her on January 21th after the Chanel show during PFW 6 - I also met Pauline Hoarau on this day 7 - I'm not a fan nude photoshoots 8 - I have five pairs of Vans Shoes, and Miranda Kerr said that the black pair was cool. 9 - Miranda Kerr wished me happy birthday last year 10 - I saw Miranda Kerr in the streets of Paris, just before th
  3. Thanks LE GATOR for being more professional lol
  4. http://blindgossip.com/?p=63571#more-63571 Terrible. " Yes, they are the ones who are now leaking things to the press to try to make the other look like a bad person and a bad parent! " Nop, they are not doing this.
  5. Thank you ! Hope we will never see those pics ...
  6. Wait ... What ?! There is Emily leaked pics ? And is she the only one or there's others models ? Oh lord ...
  7. I hate her chilling with him especially when all this gossip-garbage appears Same ! And they will never get tired of this story before so long ... --' I hate this.
  8. Yep it's photoshopped, damn I hate gossip magazines !
  9. Queen Sasha Luss is on top of the Fashion World.
  10. I love Jon, they're really beautiful together. Great team !
  11. She was there in October 2013 ( I saw her ) and in March of this year, so maybe we will see her. Some people say that the September/October PFW is the best. I hope you'll see her again Aw thank you ! Hope to get my photo with her this time
  12. Sasha Luss for SNC Magazine Photographer : Nikolay Biryukov Style by : Mikael Baryshnikov Source : @koljabir's Instagram
  13. She was there in October 2013 ( I saw her ) and in March of this year, so maybe we will see her. Some people say that the September/October PFW is the best.
  14. Same ! Queen Sasha is perfect here
  15. Miranda followed my personal page on Instagram since 2013 She likes my pictures sometimes and I just posted picture with comment that is my Birthday and after a few days later i checked my DM on Instagram and see birthday message from her. Wow that's really cool ! So sweet of her And me ? Oh, I asked her ...
  16. Thank you so much sweethearts!! So lovely to hear from you. Love come here and sharing with you all! Like a family. I know what you feel 'cause she wished me a happy birthday last year It's really cool to share our joy and feelings with other people !
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