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  1. She walked for Dior, Valentino, Miu Miu etc... And she's only 16. It's really amazing
  2. I love Sasha, but not this kind of photos
  3. Two Vogue cover ! I'm really proud of her, she deserves it
  4. " Cruise and Kerr meet every time the model is in London " Lol she's not that much in London, another rumor...
  5. We're too I didn't know she was just 20, thanks clubparadise
  6. Probably the cutest photo of her I've ever seen
  7. That's not what I wanted sorry but if she's at the hospital, it means that something bad happened or she caught something. Like virus or something else ( I say a lot the word "something" ). It's been a bit more than one week now... What happened to her hand, I mean, what is this ?
  8. I don't know what, but bad things happened to Sasha... I wish her a quick recovery.
  9. Lucky ! I didn't see her this year You looked at me two or three times like : " Don't look at me young boy " ahaha
  10. Hey that is me on 2 pictures I was at Shatzy Chen fashion show in Paris and met Miranda there It's you on the first picture ? OMG I saw you so many times at Grand Palais and at the Tuileries
  11. I was with ElodieKerr all day to find Miranda in Paris, but we didn't see her. Unfortunatelly at this time of the day I had to go back home so I didn't see Miranda. But I'm really happy for my friend
  12. HQ vogue-japan-15th-anniversary-party-paris-fashion-week-092914_01.jpg style.com I saw Mario Testino this morning ahah but I was not able to take a pic, to much people around him.
  13. Where is she, and for what ?Okaaayyy it's Shiatzy Chen
  14. In March she walked for Sonia Rykiel but I can't remember the other shows. And she walked for Chanel during the September/October PFW last year
  15. Let's see if she's going to walk for Chanel
  16. Miranda is in Paris guys *mode DylanSuperspy on*
  17. I agree for the Versace dress, it fits perfectly with her hair. But don't really like Moschino's outfit. ( P.S : Nice to see another Sasha Luss and Zhenya Katava fan ! )
  18. That Balmain look guys, is absolutely amazing. And I have to say that the Nina Ricci dress is really cute
  19. Love her street style, and her smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  20. 10 weeks ago she said that her hair was growing up, but they're still short. I don't really like short hair but it really looks great on her
  21. She posted this photo 2 hours ago, so I think she's somewhere in Europe. Maybe in London
  22. Yep ! Did you see that smile ? Really, the most beautiful and powerful smile I've ever seen Her look at DVF is great, but I prefer the one at Versus. I'm not a big fan of short hair but it looks good on her
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