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  1. I am really happy that she works with VS, I'm very proud of her and I have to say that she is the sweetest person I've ever met in my life.
  2. I took a pic with her after the Chanel show, she's really cool. Really kind And I love her first Elie Saab outfit
  3. I love this black point in her eye
  4. He looks really weird. His whole account is creepy Yes ..
  5. Protect and care for all around, stop the spread of hate

  6. There's a guy on Instagram called johnpberg, he scares me. He thinks that Miranda ( and other models ... ) are in love with him and he sends things like " Miranda is sad today 'cause she didn't see me " and it scares me because I know he is not really clean. It remind me this other guy who wanted to kill Miranda ... I know we're not here to talk about things like this, but I needed to tell it to someone
  7. Wow 2002, it's older than I thought ! Thank you
  8. The first pic is from a shoot of Chris Colls, maybe for Kora. Not sure about that
  9. Who is the girl with her ? not sure who the girl is, she was in europe with Maroon 5 on their tour, I'm guessing someone in the crew 'Cause I know she's good friend with Ali Tamposi, but I don't know if it's her. Thanks
  10. It's nice to see she's working with clothes sometimes ... 'cause, I admire this women, from the bottom of my heart but I'm really tired to see her naked all the time, especially with Richardson ! I saw that i was not the only one to think like this. She looks great on the runway, and cute as usual
  11. Shhh ... Quiet you might piss somebody off

  12. Hi ! I'm a new comer on Bellazon and I'm French, so sorry if my English is bad sometimes I don't know what to say ... Euh ... I love music ( especially Metal, Thrash metal ), wrestling and of course, modeling. Nice to meet you all guys ! Love xxx
  13. It's nice to see John Morrison on Bellazon ahah
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