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  1. there are few outfits and too much models.. but i like the show for what i ve seen! Gaga and Adriana have slayed the show
  2. ET Elsa-Alessandra MR Josephine-Romee PINK Grace-Dilone SA Adriana-Sara DA Taylor-Joan BNA Stella-Lily
  3. i'm pretty sure it's Josephine too, but maybe it's only the bra that is part of the outfit, and not the girl who opened the segment.. but... we know nothing (even less than John Snow)..soooo let's wait
  4. noo i think she will be perfect for PINK..she has a fiere walk and she fit pink better then Maud or Megan or Yumi
  5. Imo the most popular of the NA are Taylor, Sara, Stella, Elsa and Josephine.. so i think the show will turn around this beautiful angels.. my bet for the FB are Elsa or Stella.. i'm feeling it! and Adriana for the open.. but i think this year the opening girls is a NA because last year they want to put a new angels to open it, they wrote a tweet but all fans wanted a classic angels, so they put Behati on it.. i think they won't decided anything till the fitting..
  6. Hi Everyboy! IMO probably Elsa got the FB, and Adriana will open the show.. i think Candice and Behati downs't make the show beacause it's 30on november so, Behati have a baby like yesterday and Candice is still on pregnant and it's almost 2 months before the show, so they'r unfortunatly (it brake my heart)out! Alessandra is almost out so i think she doesn't open even a section.. for me the most quoted for opening a segment are adriana-elsa-josephine-jasmine-sara-lily in my toen it's 2.44 so have a goodnight everyone sorry for the english i'm italian so it's so difficult to me
  7. did you have a link for the streaming/DOWNLOAD IN HD OR 1080?
  8. I m not surprised about the presence of Gigi and Kendall.. guys do you think that Kendall will walk in pink or in the mainline? i think she ll walk for pink with the all-american outfit the we have seen in the preview-sketch
  9. OMG Guys this year the show is unpredictable O.O I m shocked about Rihanna's exit but i think that Ellie G is amazing for vsfs ( although i'd prefer riri obviuously) i think ellie's new song Army fit perfectly for vsfs. i can see it in POA
  10. Oh no please shake it off noooo! i wish taylor'll sing "out of the woods" or "wildest dreams" and "Thinking out loud" for Ed .. sorry for my english but i'm Italian (from Sardinia)
  11. ^ YEEEH BIG UP BABY Guys, sereously, Elsa's place is a big thing and is hard to trust, also because it is the place that Miranda passed to Behati and Bee to Elsa is not a game, is the place of a new vs angel
  12. Yep. Definitely. Did non-angel ever opened a show before? Because we know Magdalena did closed once.No never! But the show was closed by non-angel karlie in 2011 and Toni g in 2012 and Magda last year!
  13. Dotzen <3 this woman is absolutly stunnuning... what a beauty!
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