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  1. I've been trying to figure out who these two girls are, but have had no luck so far. Some help would be majorly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Costume National SS 2015 Ph: Glen Luchford frankudates(dot)com vittoriacerciello(dot)com
  3. VOGUE PARISNov 2015Ph: Alasdair McLellanStylist: Suzanne KollerHair: Eugene SouleimanMake-Up: Lucia Pica IMG Models News
  4. VOGUE RUSSIASept AW 2015'Goodbye, Boys'Models: Steffy Argelich and Ilana KozlovPh: Cass BirdFashion Editor: Natasha RoytHair: Rolando BeauchampMake-Up: Frank BNails: Megumi Yamamoto Nudity!
  5. CANDIDS PART IV all photos © quentin de briey(www.quentindebriey.com)
  6. CANDIDS PART III all photos © quentin de briey(www.quentindebriey.com)
  7. CANDIDS PART II all photos © quentin de briey(www.quentindebriey.com)
  8. CANDIDS PART I all photos © quentin de briey (www.quentindebriey.com)
  9. Mango Premium LookbookJuly 2015Ph: Quentin de Briey inspirations-expirations.blogspot(dot)com
  10. Backstage View by Sergio Corvacho sergiocorvachobehindthescenes.blogspot(dot)com
  11. VOGUE TAIWAN Ph: Alexander Neumann Stylist: Isabelle Thiry
  12. WONDERLAND MagazinePh: Nik HartleyStylist: Matthew JosephsHair: Kota SuizuMake-Up: Daniel Sallstrom Nudity! nikhartley.co.uk/#1408
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