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  1. VS Swim 2015 Preview: https://screen.yahoo.com/victorias-secret-ownthebeach-141609974.html + screenshots; sorry for the low res:
  2. VS Swim 2015 Preview: https://screen.yahoo.com/victorias-secret-ownthebeach-141609974.html + screenshots; sorry for the low res:
  3. VS Swim 2015 Preview: + screenshots; sorry for the low res:
  4. + screenshots; sorry for the low res:
  5. Some screenshots from the vid; sorry for the low res:
  6. ^You're welcome. Swim 2015 Preview vid: https://screen.yahoo.com/victorias-secret-ownthebeach-141609974.html
  7. Hope this isn't a repost…this thread is waaay too long to go back and check more than a few pages Swim 2015 Preview vid: https://screen.yahoo.com/victorias-secret-ownthebeach-141609974.html
  8. IA with all of this. (ETA: Though I still feel like I'm missing something with why Candice is considered sooo stunning…) The swim preview video is up on Yahoo's website already…IDK if I can get it to embed but here's the link: https://screen.yahoo.com/yahoo-style/victorias-secret-ownthebeach-141609974.html
  9. Alessandra Ambrosio by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Brazil January 2015 :wub2: :
  10. And one more from VS tumblr:
  11. A few more from VS holiday 2014: EDIT: Took out a couple reposts. I can never figure out which section these go in...
  12. The swim catalogue is much better than the past few years cover shot is good but I think there were better choices, though what do I really know..
  13. ^Looks like it. And dang it's not Candice? It's been years since that's happened hasn't it? Merry Christmas everyone! (If you celebrate Christmas, and if it's still Christmas where you live!)
  14. ^Love that shoot; thanks Shepherd for the HQ
  15. I disagree somewhat; Miranda was one of the best known angels and also loves the spotlight. She was winding down with VS in 2012 as far as the amount of work she was doing, but Adriana and Alessandra show up for maybe 5 VS shoots in an entire year yet still command attention--Miranda could have been the same way. If she had decided it was worth it to stick around, I think she would've tried to fight for much more attention and that's just one more person to have to compete against. But I actually think the choice to promote Candice over Miranda was part of the reason she left in the first place, plus getting sweeter $$ offers and realizing that VS is really not worth all the work unless you're getting out more than you put in (which is why Adriana and Alessandra are still around)
  16. I'm still so upset Rosie left. I would've preferred to see her all over everything…Candice got exceptionally lucky with Rosie and Miranda leaving.
  17. ^^Sorry I really don't want to be douchey but I think that list came from me…normally I wouldn't care but it actually took a long time to try to figure the songs out, especially without the full video, so please credit if you remember but it's really not a big deal The song for Gilded Angels is a mashup of these four songs: Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up and Dance Bob Seger - Hollywood Nights T. Rex - Bang a Gong (Get It On) Transvision Vamp - I Want Your Love Thanks !!
  18. Interesting, interesting…thanks for posting! I wonder if they will do this annually and move locations every year? Should be a great business move for the brand. And now I want more details--will there be some equivalent of wings, fantasy bra, etc…their swim line is pretty much 90% Candice so I wonder if the fashion show will reflect that, lol
  19. I wonder if she got the March issue?! That's what they would likely be shooting around now if it's VI. And I hope she can swing a UK or US Vogue cover this year; that's got to be one of the next goals...
  20. LMFAO. A+++ I have the feeling all these girls are somewhat bitchy. Look at the industry they are in; I would say the same thing about Hollywood behind the scenes. At the end of the day, they are competing against one another for attention, whether you like to think so or not… I just don't really think it matters until it starts affecting your public persona. Most of them are good at putting on an act.
  21. part of what? The shoot in Puerto Rico going on right now. They're saying it will be a TV special or something equally big
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