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  1. More from Madoff Productions :wub2:
  2. http://imgbox.com/30Sp2biq'> twitter.com/madoffprod, twitter.com/nfl
  3. ^LOL...this is a common thing in the entertainment world. Ageism is rampant in both acting and modeling for women, and agencies sometimes fudge dates for "older" girls if they are able to.
  4. don't start the stan wars again Adriana is at the Super Bowl doing press for the VS commercial with the NFL Network and NBC. There's a link to her interviews in her thread.
  5. She just did a HILARIOUS interview on the NFL Network LOL. She challenged Rich Eisen to a 40-yard dash on the runway at the next VSFS she looked fantastic as usual though! She's trending #8 on Twitter in the US after that interview.
  6. She was just on TV talking about the SB with Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski. Johnny's outfit
  7. Thanks for the list! Hannah Ferguson is 23 though if that date is right
  8. Um WOW! Her 10 Magazine cover is far and away the best of the set NO CONTEST!!!
  9. The full set has already been released...here's what I believe is what hasn't been posted and a few in full size/better quality. No idea what it's for; could just be portfolio building.
  10. Just popping in to say I finally watched that BTS video of the Eau So Sexy fragrance she shot for last summer...she's well spoken and really likeable as a VS spokesperson! Excited to see how VS uses her this year.
  11. Yikes at that group photo...they really didn't pick the right girls.
  12. LOL seriously. The one time they actually should've hired Michael Bay...
  13. She's only in here for like one second, but...
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