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  1. Overall I´m Ok with this year. IDW but the wings of the Flights of Fancy outfit reminds me to chinese forms and patterns. Royal Glam I loved it. I love tartan, plaid, and english skirts so it was one of my favs. Loved Bees, and Kendall´s outfit, but Jo´s was trully amazing. Mary K (I think we should never mention that segment again. PINK Haven´t seen much of it. Downtown, I have mixed feelings. Some of the outfits where nice and showed real body but others like martha´s, god NO. I want to see how they played with the water etc. Might look cool. Celestial angel was the top I think, I likes most of the outfits specially the ones of Lais, Candice and Sara. The music was on point, the runway too so I think its going to be one of my faves segments ever. ADRI... Well, happy she leaves, it was the right time and she got what she deserved, a nice goodbye. Only thing left is airing, we must wait and hope for the best
  2. Leelas song doesn´t fit at all.. and Taylor´s opening, a disaster
  3. Does someone know what leela james sang?
  4. Hey guys I will comment everything of the show in a while. BUT. EPISODE 3 is up! https://ww.victoriassecret.com/es/fashion-show
  5. Wowww LOVE Jo´s outfit! Damn hot. I have the feeling this year they re showing more body. I don´t know about Sara´s outfit. HAve to see HQ pictures of it, but the star looks decent
  6. Candice was on fantasy flights or whatever and celestial WE are all sooooo lost haha
  7. I think Golden Angels doesn´t even exist
  8. BTW, they went cheap with the water. More than rain it looks like a water leak from the pipes. I KNOW THE EARTH NEED WATER BUT COME ON!
  9. Is that Oprah singing in the back?
  10. I can´t stand Halsey. What the fuck was she wearing on the eyebrows? wings? spikes? girl, you can´t sing at least dress properly
  11. so.. Adri didn´t close right?
  12. I think the problem with Sara´s outfit is the wings. They look plastic and cheap. By the bodice looks nice
  13. I also love it! jajajajaj I would just take away the purse
  14. Well, there she goes... a TRUE ANGEL.
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